Balanced Dog Trainer


We believe in creating a balanced dog

A balanced dog is one that will work( has obedience), will play, will relax, and one that has a sense of independence. We will teach you and your dog to move in and out of each on command. This will develop pack drive( instinctual need to listen to you) and engagement and will solve any of the issues that you may be having. This will also make biological sense to your dog which will result in a very positive experience for both him/her and you.


Woman standing in her kitchen at home and feeding her cute schnauzer some pet snacks

1 Lesson

Are you having a specific issue with your dog?
We can solve often solve many issues with one lesson. Some of the common ones are loose leash walking, jumping, getting on furniture, and begging.


Obedience /Play Training
4 Lessons

We will teach the concepts of play, commands( place, sit, down, come, and heel), a communication/marker system, and relaxation techniques.


Puppy Training
4 lessons

We will help give you an understanding of how to manage, live, and train your puppy. Crate training, a communication system, how dogs learn, how to teach behaviors, and house breaking are some of the topics covered.


Aggression Rehabilitation

Utilizing positive reinforcement, punishment, management, play, pack theory, and ethology we will teach your dog that there are better ways to live and he/she will no longer have the desire/need to be aggressive.