About Us

We are dog lovers!

Training Through Stuctured Play

We have been training dogs for over 25 years in the Annapolis area.

We help owners understand their dogs and what their dogs need and want. Once this is understood by both, training can happen quickly.

Dog training does not have to be a long process. We often can get owners on the right path with their dogs with one or two lessons. We do this by educating owners and showing them quickly how to communicate with their dogs.

We are experts in all areas of dog behavior and training including aggression rehabilitation. Our aggression program is unique in that instead of just using suppression and correction, we often can help create happy, emotionally fulfilled canines that no longer feel the need to be aggressive.

We do this with a combination of management, obedience, and play.

Here is a video of our trainer Rick working with his dog Finn. Here you have play, obedience, a communication system, and impulse control.